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The Elliott Wave Principle
Robert R. Prechter, A.J. Frost
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Developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s and '40s, the Elliott Wave Principle is a powerful analytical tool for forecasting stock market behavior. The basic concept behind the Principle is that stock market prices rise and fall in discernible patterns and that those patterns can be linked together into waves. In the years since it was first published, this classic guide to the Elliott Wave Principle has acquired a cult status among technical analysts, worldwide. And with each new edition, the authors have refined and enhanced the principle, while retaining all the predictions from past editions. Now available in paperback for the first time, this Tenth Edition of the classic text clearly describes Elliott Wave theory and applications, and includes the authors' latest forecasts, including their prediction of the great bear market to follow the past decade's bull market.

At the Crest of the Tidal Wave: A Forecast for the Great Bear Market
Robert R. Prechter

The author who predicted the boom markets of the 1980s offers a gaze into the future using his successful Elliot Wave principle. At the Crest of the Tidal Wave combines technical analysis with insights into history and economics to warn investors against the commonly held belief that investments will always go up. But this is not just another doomsday book - Prechter also provides solid guidance on a rescue strategy for investors.

Conquer the Crash: You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression
Robert R. Prechter

Will deflation and depression really happen? What causes deflation and depression? Can the Fed prevent deflation? Where can you find the few exceptionally sound banks, insurers, gold dealers and other essential service providers that can help you protect your wealth? How should you arrange your finances and your life in order to survive the depression, prosper while it's happening, and take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity coming at the next major bottom?

Not one in ten thousand investors will think to ask these questions, even as their financial institutions may be lurching toward insolvency. You will find the answers in this book.

Elliott Wave Simplified
Clif Droke

Mastering Elliott Wave: Presenting the Neely Method: The First Scientific, Objective Approach to Market Forecasting with the Elliot Wave Theory
Glenn Neely, Eric Hall, Elliott Wave Institute

How to Identify High Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real-Time
Myles Wilson, Wilson Walker

R. N. Elliott's Masterworks: The Definitive Collection
Robert R. Prechter (Editor), R. N. Elliott

Presents three ground-breaking works in which Elliott first described his discoveries to the world, plus a detailed biography, rare photos and more. (Hardback, 308 pp.).

The Complete Elliott Wave Writings of A. Hamilton Bolton
Foreword by Robert R. Prechter, A. Hamilton Bolton

All of Bolton's annual Elliott Wave Supplements for The Bank Credit Analyst, personal letters, articles, plus a biography. (Hardback, 412 pp.)

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